Discovering and developing the tools to navigate your path

Career / personal development coach and mentor for clinical and scientific students and professionals


Consultant for diagnostic manufacturers

Duane W. Newton, PhD, D(ABMM), FIDSA
Founder, DWN Consulting

What I Do as a Coach

I provide career/personal development coaching and mentoring for individuals in clinical and/or scientific fields who are searching for their ideal career path. Whether it is identifying an initial path, enhancing the opportunities available in your current situation, or exploring new ones, we will work together to identify the optimal tools and approaches that you can use to chart the course that leads you to what you want to achieve.

What I Do as a Consultant

I provide my clinical, technical, and scientific expertise to diagnostic manufacturers seeking guidance on their path forward to successful clinical laboratory product development. I will leverage my 20+ years of clinical and industry experience, as well as my broad professional network, while working with organizations ranging from startups to global enterprises. Together, we will clarify your path forward to developing the ideal product to satisfy your customers’ clinical and patient care needs.

About Me

I am committed to partnering with you and/or your organization to identify your preferred path forward through my unique combination of depth and diversity of experience; practical, thoughtful, and effective communication; and recognized professional integrity.

  • 20+ years in clinical, academic, public health, and industry settings; deep knowledge and interest in clinical microbiology and molecular diagnostics
  • Leadership as a director of a diagnostic laboratory, as well as broad clinical and administrative leadership responsibilities within multiple complex organizations
  • Passionate about coaching and mentoring students, trainees, faculty, and professionals; dedicated to developing 1:1 relationships through my relatable, empathetic, and intuitive approach to communication
  • Recognized as authentic, trusted, respected, and diplomatic within my personal and professional networks

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